Digital marketing pitfalls to avoid

With almost 60% of the world’s population qualifying as active internet users and an evenly competitive playing field for big and small brands created by the virtual arena, it’s essential to be armed with digital tools geared towards customer-centric excellence. Here’s how you can safeguard against rampant online marketing slips.

Lack of SMART goals and KPIs

Clearly defining your destination is the hallmark of any  actionable strategic journey, and any web development company will affirm that this requires setting up inter-departmental goals and relevant KPIs specific to different platforms, audience personas, and stages of the buying journey. An in-depth understanding of your data is crucial to forming effective strategies. For instance, if you aim to heighten website traffic or repurchases by 25% in Q4, you could reinvest in previously successful tactics. For example, a free webinar exclusively for members of your LinkedIn group or a customized email campaign targeting key subscribers.  It’s also vital to perform content audits and track metrics against pre-set benchmarks to maximize performance.

Not defining a target audience

Even if you’re creating the highest quality content of its kind, from stimulating videos to having celebrated influencers endorse your brand; you’re unlikely to progress far if you’re targeting marketing dollars on users who have no use for your offering! Use strategies like social listening to identify what dream leads or clients think of your brand, the terms they use to describe your products, their questions, concerns, and comparisons with competitors, and directly tailor a solution to the pain points of your audience.  Social media algorithms judge brands based on the quality of their audience interactions and relevance of their content; therefore, use tools like Facebook’s custom audience feature to focus your advertising campaigns, and utilize cookies to track on-site behaviour.

A bland brand persona

Practices like buying email subscribers and social followers, and the rampant con of clickbait, is a notoriously disastrous approach, and completely unnecessary as long as you deliver a value-added, thoughtful, and personalized solution. For instance, getting two birds with one stone on Instagram would be to exceed expectations in such a way that prompts quality user-generated content. If your customer orders a chocolate ganache cake without specifications, for example, deck it with a gorgeous galaxy of sprinkles and watch your engagement soar to new heights!

Ignoring the purchasing funnel

Customer acquisition is 5 times more costly than customer retention and any digital marketing company in Dallas will tell you that it is vital to create and maintain a loyal online community and tailor your communications to each milestone of the buyer’s passage. For instance, top-of-the-funnel tactics include attracting dream leads with compelling content summarizing your unique value proposition, whereas subscribers at the post-purchase stage can be enticed with a remarketing campaign depicting their most-searched-for items!

A poorly designed website

All digital marketing channels lead home to your website, which needs to be equipped with a sophisticated yet simple, easily-navigable layout. Strategically placed calls to action (CTAs), multi-device compatibility, a speedy load time, and secure, streamlined checking-out and signing-up procedures are paramount. 

A lukewarm email strategy

With an ROI that outstrips other marketing mediums by 400%, the claim that email marketing is outdated is mythical! The backbone of all digital endeavours, as every experienced web development company in the Dallas will confirm, it is vital to optimize this flexible medium by segmenting your subscribers according to target characteristics and customize emails with a personal touch, persuasive headlines, and irresistible CTAs.

Neglecting social media and SEO optimization

Acing social media marketing does not mean an over-focus on paid advertisements and prime SEO is not a superficial affair of excessive keyword stuffing and a sticky web of confusing internal and external links! On the contrary, an alignment between content and SEO planning is paramount as the Google algorithm will write you off unless your content is entirely engaging and relevant to what your customer voices. It’s also important not to make assumptions about what will work; instead, conduct an A/B test before any type of campaign and make sure to build trust and credibility, which will lead to high-ranking relationships with target customers.

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